Sabae City, where Airfly is headquartered. The manufacture of spectacle frame in Sabae began in 1905 and exceeded 110 years, it can be said that the history of eyeglasses making in Japan. Sabae grew as a spectacular place to boast in the world and Airfly was born using this technology and know-how of Sabae. The Founder of AirFly who is a sport fanatic designed and developed a series of sports sunglasses without nose pads. The Champion of 2018 Boston Marathon Kawauchi Yuhui was wearing AirFly sports sunglasses at the event.

The AirFly Sport Eyewear series is designed with style, flexibility and durability. The lightweight titanium is carefully selected as the core structure and the exclusive patented Side Pads enhance the softness and flexibility of the glasses to achieve the " Three No’s " features - no mark or indentation, No slide down, no fog, and even be able to help keep make-up stay in place. 

AirFly can fit anyone with any nose shape, because they are not held into place by nose-pads.  In addition to the various choice of colors, different types of lenses can be replaced and adjusted according to the nature of sports, including color-changing, polarized, mercury lenses, and anti-blue ray lenses for indoor gaming E-Sport, etc. In addition, the Adpator can be converted into prescription lens; it does not only reduces air resistance but also effectively blocks strong light and ultraviolet rays, protecting the eyes and making the vision clearer. AirFly is also recommended for children's sunglasses. AirFly has won the Best of Glasses in Japan in 2019. The eyewear meets the needs of adults and children for different types of sports, such as cycling, football, scooters, marathon running, hiking and golf and other outdoor activities. AirFly is fashionable and functional creating a new trend of sports glasses.