LESS BY Kodomo

The Japanese eyewear brand Less than human, established in 2002, got rid of the inherent impression that glasses are just eyeglasses, for the idea to draw inspiration from a variety of things to create a frame shape with a strong personal style.旗下的 LESS By Kodomo Is developed for the needs of childrenJunior Line

「Kodomo is named as a child in Japanese and directly points out the positioning with a straight ball. Although the main focus is on the children's market, the appearance of the glasses does not deliberately follow the childish route. Instead, different themes are selected to join the various series, including the recent popular cultural elements. The Chinese gold style mixed and matched by titanium and soft sheets makes the childish children incarnate in a second into the future literary youth. In addition, to meet the needs of children different from adults.兒童不同於大人的配鏡需要,LESS By Kodomo Especially hard metal is used to make the nose bridge arm, and the lens shape is also made to be wider. The frame is more suitable for the face shape. It also meets the needs of children with vision correction to choose customized lenses.片所需。