In 1899, Hyman Moscot, the founder of MOSCOT, started selling ready-made eyeglasses from a pushcart on Orchard Street of Manhattan. This is where the MOSCOT brand logo got its inspiration from. In 1915 Hyman established eyewear brand MOSCOT and has then become one of the most historic eyewear brands in the world. The frames are made of excellent quality which perfectly showcases the natural beauty and symbolizes the American retro spirit. MOSCOT is loved by American Artist Andy Warhol and many international superstars such as Johnny Depp, Lady Gaga, David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo.

To satisfy the needs of practicality and comfort by customers, MOSCOT’s frames delicately retouch facial contours and at the same time bring a sense of detail to the traditional American spirits.

The most classic series – Lemtosh frames feature with diamond rivets and temple engravings while Miltzen is hand-made with modern acetate. The delicate frame is designed with the iconic silver adorn, highlighting its retro and fashionable attitude. This century-old eyewear brand MOSCOT has always been in line with the fashion trends. The classic fashionable design presents New York’s historical soul. With modern concepts and iconic eyewear elements, MOSCOT is definitely one of the most classic eyewear brands of all times.