Stephane Christian

South Korean fashion eyewear brand Stephane Christian was founded in 2013 by two designers Stephane and Christian. Inspired by French arts and crafts, based on the concept of infinite imagination, simple design is the main axis, and artistic elements are combined with practicality and beauty in the frame to show eternal length. Green and high-end unique brand image特的品牌形象。

The brand emphasizes good quality. The designer deliberately uses nickel silver alloy Nickel Silver metal titanium stainless steel and other materials for the mirror arms. In addition to effectively reducing the risk of oxidation, it also reduces the weight of the glasses, allowing users to have an extremely comfortable fashion experience. Stephane Christian's beauty is both retro and vintage. Innovative French craftsmanship elements refer to classic frames as the basis and add modern design techniques. Use innovative materials to show your own style. The Penrose Triangle on the mirror arms. The Penrose Triangle embellishment represents the unique eyewear design created by the brand's design concept that advocates unlimited imagination.間的設計概念,創造出的獨特眼鏡設計。