Eyevan has crafted stylish glasses for over 40 years, and its 7285 collection is based on hand-drawn designs from the company's archives between 1972 and 1985. Everything from concept to manufacture takes place in Japan.
EYEVAN was co-founded by Yamamoto Kogaku and VAN Jacket, and came back in 2013 under the leadership of Mr. Yamamoto Kenji. Adding "7285" after the brand name to pay tribute to the glorious performance: "72" refers to the establishment in 1972; "85" refers to the success in entering global market in 1985. EYEVAN 7285 has always adopted the concept of "eyeglasses is fashion itself" to create high-quality retro glasses. Their frames are The eyewear is made of titanium, thin steel and high-grade acetate fiber sheets. From the frame to the hinges, welding, engraving and other small details are all made by hand.handmade. This shows ultimate persistence on craftsmanship and each process is completed in Japan. Eyevan is an eyewear brand that has always stayed true to its roots.