Mr. Leight

From the American California glasses brand Mr. Leight,Founded in2018Years ago by the legendary man who led the eyewear trend、前 Oliver Peoplesfounder Larry LeightWith son Garrett LeightFather and son files create the concept of blending the luxurious feeling of California style with classic design and modern aesthetics, so that the brand has a unique aesthetics and becomes a new generation in the eyewear industry.界新世代。

The brand insists on the craftsmanship of Japanese craftsmen. The original spirit is contained in the details of the material, screw hinges and mirror arms. The most distinctive feature is the hexagonal hinge and functional rivets. The glasses have the function of retractable mirror arms.頭型將鏡臂由 140mmExtend to 150mm,This original technology alone is enough to highlight Mr. LeightThe original ingenuity of the old and new classic design creates a luxurious and casual feeling, conveys fashionable and charming colors, and has been loved by fashion people and celebrities. Including星喜愛,包括 Jennifer LawrenceMeryl StreepDon CheadleRobert Downey Jr.versus Johnny DeppWait。