Fashion eyewear brand from New York WHATEVER EYEWEARIn addition to being popular among fashionistas, there are countless star fans, including one of the trend leaders, Jolin Tsai, supermodel He Sui, famous actors Zhao Liying, Song Yanfei and Wang Yangming, etc.霏與王陽明等。

WHATEVER EYEWEARTrendy and unique design, full of personality, taste and style. Brand by designer計師 Eric WangAnd the former president of Rei Kawakubo總裁 FlorenceFashion eyewear brand jointly launched WHATEVER EYEWEAR,With「Whatever you say about me, Im just the way I am.」The attitude of self-firmness and disdain is the creative idea. Get inspiration from the details of life, such as the ubiquitous clock, paper clips, rivets, stripes and arrows, and re-emerge the soul. Ingeniously combine exaggeration and simplicity, strike a balance between design and practicality, and create uniquely. This new-generation fashion eyewear brand於這個新世代的時尚眼鏡品牌。