Blackzmith 3D Printing Eyewear

BLACKZMITH is introducing you the latest 3D Printing Eyewear Collection with breakthrough technologies. By obtaining facial data with the 3D scanning technology, the bespoke 3D eyewear is created for every customer based on their facial 3D models. The unique eyewear series is customised, exclusive and precise that helps you find the right frame with styles. The series come in optical and sunglasses for both adult and children. The eyewear uses the world’s leading German 3D printing equipment and imported medical bio-printing materials such as lightweight materials with a lower density that could be in powder or fluid form to produce the refined texture and the complicated structure. The one-of-a kind fishtail and spherical shaped nosepads fit different types of nose shapes seamlessly with accurate 3D fitting that offers ultra-lightweight, additional functionality and exquisite comfort that creates robust eyewear experience with personal style.

Our Bespoke Store in Causeway Bay - BLACKZMITH Bizhouse elevates the experience by integrating a hint of playfulness to the customised glasses. The 3D printing machine that replicates the design of retro gaming consoles allows customers designing their own glasses at BLACKZMITH with fun and joy. Advanced 3D scanning technology is used in the designing process of production to identify 72 key points on the face and with the data obtained it provides a professional basis for the frame design. There are more than 20 different parameters of the bespoke 3D eyewear that can be adjusted, including frame size, nose bridge width, temple length and more. All these parameters count together to ensure the perfect fit and comfortableness of the frame.  The Virtual Try-On Tool allows you to see how the glasses look on your face before you go ahead and shop them. Come and see for yourself the power of 3D.

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