The exquisite and delicate craftsmanship of Japanese hand-made glasses is well-known and well-respected brand STEADY leads the glasses trend with a minimalist philosophy. It combines classic and modern to bring new works of art. Exclusive modern style injects a warm soul into each pair of brainchildren. Emphasizes The The aesthetic spirit of ordinary spetacles adheres to the concept of balance and simple abstract creation. Emphasis on texture and details. The design is based on stability and comfort. Deduces its own set of stable aesthetics that pursues balance. Unique Libra-shaped Logo to achieve an extraordinary Simple Style不平凡的 Simple Style。

The designer and founder of STEADY, Mr. Masatsuji Kaneko, was the creative director of SOLID BLUE. He has more than 30 years of experience in making glasses. He founded the Japanese hand-made eyewear brand STEADY in 2012. Everything started from ideal practice, with comfort, simplicity and purity as the core design. Simple details and proportions of lines create extraordinary aesthetic crafts from the seemingly ordinary and simple structure. Each pair of glasses insists on manual production and the hand-polished technology of the Japanese Sabae craftsmanship to create a natural light and highly suitable frame for Asian faces.輕巧且高度合適亞洲人面型的鏡框。

Classical and fashionable glasses are exquisite and exquisite, it is irreproachable to wear a strong artistic sense of humanity情味。