Sugimoto Kei

Produced in Fukui Prefecture, the world-famous eyewear sacred place, and designed by designer Keihiko Sugimoto, Kei Sugimoto is a Japanese handmade eyewear brand launched in 2007.

Most of the frames of Kei Sugimoto glasses are made of plates produced by Takiron-Rowland, a famous Japanese factory, Takiron-Rowland. The high-quality plates made in the factory have achieved the unique color and texture of the Kei Sugimoto series. The birth of the two-color plate frames has abandoned traditional lamination. The style production uses a single piece of non-deformable plate. The plate needs to be placed for a year before making the frame to make it dry. The other parts except the plate are also made of Japanese materials, which shows the rigorous selection of materials.

It is the mission of the brand to make full use of the excellent craftsmanship of the craftsmen. Craftsmen use 8-12mm thick plates to make thick-cut frames with highly distinguishable chromaticity. It looks thick, but through the consideration of front and rear balance and the design of the mirror feet, it is newly launched. The extremely difficult soft body β titanium nose pads not only relieve the pressure, but also show the craftsman's superb skills to make the sheet glasses both beautiful and comfortable. This rare new nose pad will be exclusive to Sugimoto x BLACKZMITH Appeared in the joint ride series to bring you a unique and new wearing experience.

Since 2009, the brand has won many times at the IOFT Eyewear Awards in Tokyo, Japan. In 2013, it was also nominated for the prestigious Silmo eyewear award in France, which proves that its charm is not only loved by Asians, but also attracted the attention of European judges.

The expectation of the guests The craftsmanship of the craftsman Keihiko Sugimoto's trinity of design has achieved the unparalleled unique charm.