Korean glasses brand MotivumIs a new generation of light glasses since自 2018Since its establishment in 1999, it has been attracting attention. It has launched different styles of frame series with lightweight as the creative concept. They are ultra-lightweight and high-stretch力的「Ultem」Material Titanium屬 TitaniumMade with stainless steel to bring unprecedented lightness感。MotivumBy the founderKim JiyeonShe is in charge of the design policy of the Eyewear Kingdom that she takes over and manages the family to reduce the original weight of the glasses and minimize the weight.至最輕 5Respect everything, return to the basics, return to the simple, simple life, high quality and minimalism as the core values of creation. Each pair of glasses gives the soul a feeling of modern simplicity and creates a unique and elegant life texture儒雅生活質感。

Each series has the same style, simple, natural and smooth lines, all due to the unique processing of the designer's skillful hands, focusing on exquisite details, abandoning complicated decorations, rigorous construction methods, cutting and polishing, etc., are very delicate and present the most original appearance of the glasses.的面貌,充分發揮 Made In KoreaThe fine craftsmanship is low-key, exuding a sense of elegance, ordinary and a little extraordinary, adding intellectual charm性魅力。