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With a history of nearly half a century, MATSUDA’s handmade eyewear series have been loved by Japanese nobles. The most iconic feature is the exquisite embossing on the frame, which has been hand-carved by blacksmiths with meticulously. This is how MATSUDA’s eyeglasses come to live. Adhering to the Japanese traditional craftsmanship of excellence, a unique collective box is prepared with the 925 sterling silver series. The creation of MATSUDA eyewear is not limited to fashion trends, but also combines Japanese traditional design and Western Gothic design. Retro and avant-garde are how we describe these handmade unique glasses series. Each series of glasses takes at least 2 to 3 weeksThe craftsmen does not rely on technology, but the exquisite craftsmanship accumulated over the years. With precise technical skills and more than 250 manual procedures, craftsmen are careful with every detail. In addition to the gorgeous engraving and embossing, the hidden seam technology crafting frames are crafted with "pure titanium, 18K gold, 22.5K gold, 925 sterling silver" and other precious materials. The excellent quality worths our appreciation. MATSUDA insists on traditional man craft production while creating eyewear with both quality and fashion sense. It is deeply loved by celebrities, such as Brad Pitt and Amanda Seyfried. Even in the movies "Terminator 2 Future Fighter Sequel" and "Iron Man 3 Iron Man", the characters also wear the MATSUDA's eyewear series.

Color:Transparent Grey Crystal


Material:Acetate / Stainless Steel 


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